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3We sell devices for the home, , offices, public buildings as well as supply appliance and systems for the industry buildings such as warehouses, production halls, garages, etc.
We design, as well as perform heating systems according to prepared designs of customer..
We select solutions that provide comfort, convenience and minimizing investment and operating costs.

Our offer on appliances and heating systems include:
Depending on the ability to use energy carriers:


  • electricity,
  • natural gas and liquefied,
  • various types of fuel oils and vegetable oils, wasted (used) oils, biofuels, glycerol water, etc.,
  • green renewable energy sources
  • solar energy, energy from the earth, the energy from the air, pellets, wood chips, straw and other.

The choice of energy carrier depends largely on the availability, user requirements and special installation.
Depending on method of heat emission we use the following technologies emission transfering heat energy to the environment:

  • water emission – heated water transfers heat from the receivers by convection or forced through water heaters into a heated room,
  • emissions of air – hot air transfers heat by convection or forced by the free supply or distributionby channels
  • radiant emissions – the comfort feeling results from emission of thermal radiation (IR)
  • .

In the context of the above solutions we build heating systems based on:

  • central heating boilers
  • air heaters
  • storage heating, convectors and heater,
  • solar collectors and heating pumps
  • infrared heaters
  • .



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