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Sanitary installation

In the context ofwater installations including central heating and hot water systems and water and sewerage systems we do all types work related to the supply and distribution of water in the chosen object.


Concerning installations of dangerous gas detection systems in rooms, where there is a thread of occurring toxic gas leaks or crating the possibility of an explosion, we equip our customers with appliance and perform installations to protect their property and the lives people who work or live there.



Our components, parts and devices enabling the implementation of each of the above mentioned tasks are of high quality. We buy only from reliable suppliers in order to get the adequate quality of service. We use their experience and technology repeatedly to perform the modern, simple and reliable installation. Our professional expertise allows us to create individual and optimum solution with alternative ways of performance or modernization of any installation. All our installations are based on the network of suppliers. There is not possible to name all of them. If You need details concerning particular systems and installation please contact us.