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Our offer concerning ventilation systems includes the following systems:

  • gravitational natural ventilation,
  • mechanical exhaust ventilation,
  • mechanical balanced ventilation,
  • mechanical balanced ventilation with heat recovery,
  • mechanical balanced ventilation with heating and air-conditioning and ventilation apliances occurring in various configurations.

For implementing the above tasks related to the construction of ventilation systems we use the appliances and components such as the i. a.:

  • air handling units,
  • recuperative air handling units with heat recovery,
  • conditioning chamber,
  • dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers,
  • industrial fans such as axial, centrifugal, duct, radial roof …. and others,
  • fans for the home and office, among others.: Bathroom, kitchen, cooling and mixing smoke to the fire,
  • ducts – made from different materials, different shape and diameter of different stiffness and possible location and various other characteristics and properties.

Devices offered by us are of high quality and reliability. We buy them from reliable suppliers and manufacturers. We often use their experience and technologies providing modern technical thought to our customers. Our knowledge of ventilation technology allows us to prepare individual and optimal alternative solutions for performance or modernization of the ventilation system.
We offer hi-tech/ solutions from leading manufacturers and ventilation systems, among others i.a.: KARPOL, ROSENBERG, SYSTEMAIR, VENTURE INDUSTRIES, UNIWERSAL, SALDA, LINDBAD, SMAY, MERCOC, RDJ KLIMA, ROCKWOOL, IGLOTECH, and many others.