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Gas installation

As far as gas installation is concerned we offer:
all gas installations for natural gas and LPG. This installation supply gas receivers such as home appliances, boilers, heating equipment, technological and industrial equipment.
Range of activities:
1. Design and construction of gas networks, gas installations, stations and point of reduction-metering complex – for natural gas and LPG,
2. Comprehensive gas acceptance, i.a. chimney opinion and surveying for the the county office and gasworks,
3. Comprehensive performance of gas installation for natural gas and LPG,
4. Performance and Investor supervision,
5. Modernization of existing gas installations,
6. Installation and modernization of boilers,
7. Assembly and modernization of heating systems based on gas infrared heaters,
8. Assembly and modernization of heating systems based on gas air heater,
9. Assembly and modernization of systems using gas fuels including LPG,
10. Performing leakage tests,
11. Performing Installation – safety systems of the gas installation.